Lavender Oil

bottles of lavender oil

Experience the Benefits of Lavender

Lavender Oil Can Naturally Improve Your Sense Of Well-being

Add 5-8 drops of Lavender oil to your tub, in your shower, or in a diffuser to enjoy its soothing effects. Pure lavender oil is considered an "essential" oil and has many beneficial attributes including as a sleep aid, an antibiotic, and anti-inflammatory agent. As with all undiluted oils, care must be taken when using. Sparing use of pure undiluted oil directly on the skin is recommended and it should not be ingested directly in its undiluted form. Lavender oil may be used in many recipes - a few drops will go far to add a distinctive flair to your favorite meat, vegetable, pastry and baking recipes.

We use steam distillation right at the farm. It has a slightly camphoric scent that mellows with age after about 3 months into a rich, powerful and pleasing lavender aroma. Lavender oil is not floral or sweet! It is a savory scent - years of promotion of sweet smelling fake lavender by the consumer retail industry has altered our expectations. Try some undiluted, unadulterated lavender oil today and experience its true calming and soporific effects!

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