With over 20 acres of lavender fields and natural flora, our bees are happy!

Try Indigo Lavender Farms’ Honey 

Sweet, floral goodness can be found in our all-natural, pure honey. Indigo Lavender Farms' bees actively work to pollinate our 23 areas of lavender fields and wetland wildflowers, and we harvest honey from these hives at least twice a year to make available to our customers. Customers rave over its taste! No additives; we do not infuse with lavender or any other fragrance or oil. Lavender Honey is like Clover Honey: the makeup of the honey is based on what the bees primarily pollinate.

Why Should You Try Our Locally Harvested Honey?

  1. You are supporting local business
  2. It's beneficial to the environment, and
  3. It can be beneficial to your health!

Here are some ways that local honey is superior to the store-bought variety:

  • Local honey contains local pollen that can help control your seasonal allergies;
  • Organic honey is free of antibiotics and other unhealthy substances; and
  • Support for your local beekeeper means you’re doing your part to save the bees.

Experience the benefits of local honey for yourself!

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Creamed Lavender Honey

Typically available in late-winter and early-spring, creamed honey is crystallized honey mixed with pure honey to create a buttery, smooth and spreadable honey. Still 100% pure honey from our very own beehives, creamed honey is a treat not to be missed.

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