About the Farm

A Little Bit About Our Farm

A Family Owned Farm that is More than a Hobby - It's a Lifestyle

In 2015, we began planting lavender plants. In our first year, we had just under 4,000 plants. Now, we have over 14,000 plants on about 20 acres. We grow our plants without pesticides or other chemicals. Lavender is naturally drought- and pest-resistant, however, we must weed and nurture our plants by hand to ensure their health and productivity.

Meet the Owner

Trish Dennis

A woman owned and operated farm established in 2015. Trish was an USAF Captain and a corporate attorney before turning to farming. The brainchild of her husband, Greg Dennis, and funded by an investor, Midwest Commercial Construction, the farm currently has 14,000 lavender plants spread over 20 beautiful acres on gently rolling hillside in Imlay City, MI.

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owner trish dennis

green farm tractor on farm

We are a working, operational farm - during weekdays, there will be equipment and workers in the fields mowing, weeding, and harvesting. The ground may be uneven, and you may encounter dirt or mud depending on the recent weather. We have porta-potties and hand washing stations only. We also have live bees on site, so if you think you may have an allergic reaction, be sure to bring along any medicine you may need in the event of a bee sting.