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lavender plant

All natural

Calming And Soothing

Lavender is a versatile natural plant the use of which has been recorded by the Ancient Greeks and the Romans. Its flowers can be enjoyed fresh, dried, or distilled into oil.

Lavender is noted as a sleep aid, an anxiety reducer, and has been used to assist in reduction in pain from arthritis and migraines. Topically, it has anti-inflammatory and antibiotic effects. It is commonly used around vegetable gardens or in patio borders to aid in repelling mosquitoes and other pests. It is deer resistant. Add a sachet of dried buds to your lingerie drawer or nightstand to keep it fresh smelling, put a vase of fresh or dried lavender in your home, or add 4-5 drops of lavender oil in your tub or diffuser and enjoy!

Lavender may also be enjoyed in many other products such as scrubs, lip balms, linen sprays, and more. Visit our Farm Store May-December or shop online at our Etsy shop!